Did You See Tom Selleck Sipping A Westchester Beer On ‘Blue Bloods’?


If the beer bottle Tom Selleck was sipping from in a recent episode of the police drama “Blue Bloods” looked familiar, that’s because it was a Westchester brew.

It was the lager from Yonkers Brewing Company.

Selleck plays NYC Police Commissioner Frank Reagan in the show, which will air its final season — its 14th — next year.

Yonkers Brewing Company’s beers have made numerous cameo appearances in over a dozen episodes of the CBS show thanks to a chance encounter their sales manager had at the now closed Beer Noggin in Bronxville in 2016.

Dana Higgins was enjoying a Yonkers lager at the bar when a conversation with a fellow patron ensued. Higgins shared his love for the Westchester-made beer only to discover that his newfound friend was the prop master for “Blue Bloods.”

“Next thing we knew, we were invited to the show’s set in Brooklyn, bringing along a few cases of our beloved brew,” said Owner John Rubbo.


“We embarked on a thrilling tour of the studio and sets, leaving behind our beer with hopes that it might make a cameo appearance,” he said. “Lo and behold, it not only appeared but became a regular on the show!

“Who would’ve thought that a simple chat over a Yonkers lager could land us on TV? Moral of the story: a great beer and a good conversation can lead to unexpected adventures on the screen!”

Along with the lager, another scene shows a Yonkers Brewing IPA.


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