Do The Laginas Really Believe In The Curse Of Oak Island?


Over nine seasons, Rick and Marty Lagina have attempted to uncover long-buried treasure on an allegedly cursed island off the shore of Nova Scotia, Canada. “The Curse of Oak Island” follows their journey as they research the location’s history and work toward finding what has proven elusive to other treasure hunters since the late 1700s.

With nearly 10 years dedicated to searching Oak Island, the Laginas have shown just how committed they are to this hunt. However, some fans of their reality show have admitted that they’re losing interest because nothing has come to fruition yet. Additionally, some have expressed frustration with the “curse angle” altogether, and instead want the brothers to focus on the unique artifacts their crew finds.

However, the mysterious curse has been an integral element of the show’s l ore, thus far. Fans are split on whether or not they believe in the curse, but that raises another question — do Rick and Marty Lagina actually believe in it?


Rick and Marty Lagina can’t 100% deny the curse

In a 2017 interview with radio personality Neil Haley, Rick and Marty Lagina spoke about how they wound up making a reality series and their life-long fascination with finding treasure. Additionally, the brothers revealed whether or not they believe in the so-called curse of Oak Island … and it’s complicated.

They admit they don’t know the curse’s origins, but it’s always been present in their research. Rick explains that the curse boils down to “all these native oak trees have to die, and then seven people have to die — seven searchers have to die before this treasure is going to allow itself to be revealed (this emphasis on death has also been divisive among fans, who find it in poor taste considering the fate of those surrounding “The Curse of Oak Island”).

He added (via Neil Haley) “… that’s what the curse is, and you know, whether we really believe it intellectually or not, I’d say no, but you know, the primitive part of you has a hard time disregarding it.”

Marty agreed with his brother’s assessment of the potential bad luck surrounding their endless treasure hunt. So, while the Laginas are skeptical of this curse, they can’t deny that its pervasiveness is a concern.

Rick goes on to explain that, regardless of the curse, they “have to continue and not give up” to unveil the truth about whatever remains hidden on Oak Island.