Fans Think Hunter Thore Needs To Protect Glenn From Whitney


Whitney Way Thore seems out of control on My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 11 and TLC fans believe that it’s time for Hunter and Glenn Thore to reel her in. Angry about her dissing her dad’s wish list, and acting like the mega-boss of a multinational corporation really grates on everyone. Is she trying to be cute with her inappropriate behavior?

MBFFLWhitneyWay Thore’s Bad Behavior GetsWorse

Right from the beginning of their trip to Switzerland, Glenn was bossed around by his daughter. And, many TLC fans seem irritated that Hunter lets his sister continue to be too controlling and attention-seeking. Perhaps it’s time for them to all sit down and have a little chat with the MBFFL star. Finally, Glenn is showing some stones by saying no to her. But, is it enough?

Embarrassment becomes obvious, as does a touch of anger from

Whitney Way Thore’s dad. Who in their right mind starts shoving a fan under their skirt in public to cool their crotch? Why must she belittle her dad’s old machine-die business? Did the My Big Fat Fabulous Life star forget her dad gave her a good life out of that business? What about the tattoo that he wasn’t keen on getting? Bossy doesn’t doesn’t cut it, because there are not enough words to describe her attitude, according to critics.

MBFFL Time For Hunter To Say Something To Whitney

On Reddit, after noting things like the larger-than-average reality TV star’s rolling eyes, putting her dad down, packing for him, and doing it loudly, critics feel it’s time for Hunter to reel his sister in. Additionally, Glenn needs to take back control and let her know he’snot a bumbling baby.


Is it just me, but do both Glenn and Hunter seem like they are beyond over Whitney’s controlling BS? I also think Hunter needs to step up andadvocate for his dad more.

My siblings and I would go to war on each other if any of us were behaving in such a way.

Naturally, My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans engaged in the conversation: Is she for real on this trip? She’s not the CEO of that family she’s the DICTATOR!

I can’t imagine disrespecting my parents to such a degree. On television no less! As our parents age, our relationships definitely change, but to treat her grieving father like this? Hunter needs to put her in her place. Glen Thore needs to run fast and far from his controlling selfish daughter

I’ve wondered if Glenn is just now finding out just how much of a drama queen and attention seeker Witless is. After spending time around Angie and Jaime and seeing how they are together he may finally have had the blinders removed. I think this season will tell us whether or not that’s true.

What are your thoughts about the TLC star misbehaving? Do you agree that it’s time for Hunter to tell his sister to take a seat? Are you glad to see a spark of resistance from Glenn Thore? Do you think he and his son need to reel in Whitney Way Thore? Let us know in the comments and come back here for all your My Big Fat Fabulous Life news.