‘Farmer Wants A Wife’ Did Brandon Rogers’ Winner Spoil Finale?


Currently, Farmer Wants A Wife Season 2 is moving right along. Each of the farmers took their ladies to meet the parents, family, and trusted friends this week. Furthermore, the last solo dates are lined up for the next episode. But an eagle-eyed fan caught something that seems to give away who Brandon Rogers picks in the end.

Farmer Wants A Wife Process Can Be Difficult

Although Farmer Wants A Wife gives four different farmers the chance to possibly score a wife, the process can be a bit grueling for them. While there are fun times with the women learning about farm life and their man, it can prove to be difficult for the guys to date multiple women at once. Additionally, this season, the Cowboys had the option to bring in a new girl midway through the process. In most cases, when the farmer brought in a new lady, it turned the existing relationships upside down. After some damage control, the farmers were able to move forward with building their connections. On Brandon Rogers’ farm, he starts the episode meeting with Joy Mayfield. While they had a good connection in the beginning, the one-on-one date fell flat when Brandon was opening up and Joy was seemingly very coldhearted.

Brandon Rogers discusses with Joy Mayfield that she comes across as coldhearted sometimes. – Farmer Wants A Wife

Brandon Rogers Revisits Joy’s Callous Reactions

Undoubtedly, each of the Farmer Wants A Wife cowboys needs to weed out anyone who isn’t the right fit for them. In like fashion, Brandon Rogers knew he and Joy had to talk. While Joy notably says she is not an emotional person, Brandon let her know the date caused him to question if they could continue forward. After the date, Joy realizes it is important to talk to Brandon. Likewise, when he prompts her to give him insight as to why she is callous, she takes it. Although it appears she lacks empathy for others, she explains that her past made her tough. When she was young, she began to have epileptic episodes. Since her mom wasn’t in a place to afford care for her, she was forced to suffer through the pain.

Unfortunately, the extreme pain made it hard for her to relate to others’ complaints of simple discomforts such as a cold or scrape. Undeniably, she was a survivor and learned to preserve despite pain. After explaining her background, Joy and Brandon Rogers’ connection became stronger. Furthermore, Brandon wants to understand and get to know her. The tearful conversation gave him the insight he needed to keep Joy on the farm.


Brandon Rogers Gets Advice From His Confidants

During this week’s episode, the girls met the farmers’ parents, family, and close friends. While the Farmer Wants A Wife women were unaware, the farmers invited key family members to meet for dinner with their remaining ladies. Each of their trusted groups of family and friends helped the farmers decide who to take on their final dates.

For Brandon Rogers, the invite was to his parents and his best friend, Carlos. With their help, he has to choose between Joy Mayfield, Grace Girard, and Emerson Sears. After counseling with his confidants, Carlos picks up on Brandon’s inactions with Joy showing more affection. However, Brandon’s dad likes both Joy and Emerson, but he seems to lean more toward Emerson. After their discussion, Brandon offers Joy his final solo date. But fans think Bradon’s winner may have spoiled the finale.

Fans Think Brandon Rogers’ Winner Spoiled The Finale

Although Brandon Rogers has Joy Mayfield ready for next week’s last solo date on the Farmer Wants A Wife episode, she may not be his match. On Reddit, a super sleuth caught a big clue that another one of Brandon’s ladies might be the end pick. They posted a screenshot of Emerson’s Instagram Stories with a guy who looks a lot like Brandon from behind. Additionally, the photo is in Colorado and makes the viewer think of Brandon. Furthermore, the Reddit user says, “This could obviously be anyone but the photo was taken in Colorado and I’m probably a loser for examining this guys ears but they look similar to Brandon’s? 😂.”

What do you think? Did Emerson spoil that she is Brandon Rogers’ pick? Does it look like Brandon to you? Who do you think he will pick? Drop your comments below.