Farmer Wants A Wife’s Sarah Carey Sparks Engagement Rumours With Joe Bobbin As She Sports A Sparkling Ring


Farmer Wants a Wife’s Sarah Carey has sparked rumours that she is engaged to her partner Joe Bobbin.

The 31-year-old shared a video to Instagram this weekend where she played a song on her guitar.

But it was hard to miss the sparkling ring on her finger in the clip, leading some fans to wonder if she’s engaged.

‘I spy with my little eye a pretty ring on your finger,’ wrote one person while another asked, ‘Is that an engagement ring???’

‘First thing I noticed!! Do you have something to tell everyone Sarah?’ said someone else.

Cattle and sheep farmer Joe, 33, picked love interest Sarah, 31, in the finale of the Channel Seven dating show last month as they solidified their romance.

However, they were immediately hit by split rumours as scenes at the end of the final episode showed Joe attending his best friend’s wedding without Sarah.

Joe is close friends with 2021 FWAW star Andrew Guthrie and sweet scenes of his wedding to Jess Nathan aired after the 2024 grooms made their decisions.

But livestock administrator Sarah was notably absent from the ceremony, with Joe instead video-calling her from the wedding, sparking rumours they had split.

Sarah responded to the rumours and said producers told her not to attend so the couple’s fate was not revealed to fans.

‘Joe and I are trying to navigate our new relationship, it’s all so new,’ she confirmed to 7News.

‘[The producers] didn’t want to give away the ending — which is totally understandable.

‘It was always known that whoever ended up with Joe was not allowed to go because they didn’t know timeframes [for the series to air] yet.’

Sarah said she was told at the last minute that she could attend the wedding, but she had just started a new job near Joe’s farm in Bombala, NSW, so couldn’t take time off.


Sarah also opened up on the cruel trolling she has received since the show, revealing she has been targeted by negative comments over her relationship with Joe.

She admitted she has found it difficult to deal with trolling, and said people will even approach her in public and say they are surprised Joe chose her rather than Keely.

‘I was quite emotional and upset, there was a fair bit of trolling, so that was probably one of the hardest times of my life, if I’m honest.

‘[Me and Joe are] trying to turn down the noise and focus on the happy messages.’

Emotional scenes saw Joe pick Sarah as he declared his love for her, leaving fellow love interest Keely devastated.

‘This is one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made. I love the person you are. I love how strong and determined you are,’ he emotionally told Sarah.

‘It hasn’t always been easy with us. We’ve had some tough times. I’ve sometimes felt that you’ve pulled away.

‘But I also know that you can be a shy person and take your time to get to know people. I also like that you challenge me.’

‘I don’t have all the answers for us, but I do see myself falling for you in the future. I want to tackle the future with you by my side, and us as a team,’ he went on.

‘I’m looking for someone who doesn’t need me, but who wants me.’

Joe then asked her if she wanted to come back to the farm with him, with a delighted Sarah replying ‘absolutely’ before they sealed their union with a kiss.