Felicia Cannon Shades Cameron, Cirie, And Matt In New Post-Big Brother Chat


Big Brother 25 alum Felicia Cannon has become very present on social media.

After the season finale, Felicia hung out with fellow cast members, but since then, she has been making many appearances online.

That includes Felicia going on Instagram Live while taking walks.

Felicia’s vocal persona from inside the Big Brother house mirrors her in real life. That’s a refreshing thought when it comes to Big Brother alums.

She also had a lengthy online video chat with Mecole Hayes, where she dished up some tea about the season.

Felicia addressed how she viewed Matt Klotz and what happened at the BB25 jury roundtable.

Felicia shades Matt to Mecole

“Oh! Matt said some stuff behind closed doors,” Felicia told Mecole.

Mecole reacted in shock with a big smile.

“I think somehow that probably got out to people more than he realized, and so that nice all-American guy that everybody wanted to believe he was, they found out he really wasn’t,” Felicia added.

This chat revealed much about why some houseguests turned on Matt near the end.

Cory Wurtenberger said he voted against Matt due to what was in his goodbye messages. His change of heart came after he hit the jury house. Before that, Cory was ready to crown Matt the winner.

Despite her comments about Matt, Felicia still voted for him to win over Jag Bains.

Felicia speaks about getting isolated near the end of BB25


Bowie Jane, Jag, and Matt were accused of isolating Felicia and Cirie when only five people remained in the game.

In the video clip below, Felicia touches on that isolation, and how she tried to address it.

Some drama from the BB25 jury roundtable

The jury roundtable had more drama than was revealed during the episode.

Host Dr. Will Kirby said they filmed for hours and that arguments led to breaks being needed.

Felicia touched on an argument she had with Cameron Hardin during the roundtable. He was upset about the Red Utley eviction, and Felicia wasn’t having it.

Later, Cirie Fields said she was “disappointed” in Felicia for betraying her and Jared Fields. She added that Cirie had claimed to have never “thrown Felicia under the bus,” but Cory Wurtenberger refuted it.

The video clip below explains things in more depth. But Big Brother fans would love to see an uncut version of that BB25 jury roundtable.