General Hospital Recap: Anna And Dante Clear Charlotte Of Being A Firestarter


Anna Devane realized her enemies were much more dangerous than she thought.

The General Hospital recap for Thursday, December 7, 2023, features Anna and Dante getting news that cleared Charlotte of at least one crime.

General Hospital Recap Highlights

Also in this episode, Alexis gave Gregory a reality check, Curtis got interesting news, and Scott made his move. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into the details.

A Whole Lot Of Mystery

Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) called Anna (Finola Hughes) to the morgue so they could talk. Their big concern was the missing file. However, they got an even bigger worry when the medical examiner broke the news that the WSB collected Forsyth’s body and classified all the files. He did tell them about the burn on the man’s leg, though.

This changed many things. It meant Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez) was not the culprit of that event. It also meant Forsyth wasn’t working alone and had some very dangerous allies and enemies. So much so, they had the power to disappear the body, lock down the files, and keep them from investigating.

As for Forsyth’s partner, Brennan was at Kelly’s diner getting to know Carly (Laura Wright) better. However, the pleasantries were interrupted when he had to quickly disappear after spotting Robert.

He didn’t stay away long, though. Brennan came back shortly after Robert and Diane left with apology flowers for Carly and an excuse that he had to take a work call. Then, he asked her to dinner. She turned him down flat.

Trees And Trials

Earlier, Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) and Gregory (Gregory Harrison) took Violet (Jophielle Love) to the tree farm. They ran into Diane (Carolyn Hennesy) and Robert (Tristan Rogers) and things got awkward. The latter couple left to go to Kelly’s because it was a bit too much for them.


Alexis gave Gregory a reality check about Finn’s (Michael Easton) case. Diane had every right to represent her client, as much as Finn had a right to his defense. And, sadly, she wasn’t confident Finn would even win.

As for Robert and Diane, they turned up at Carly’s diner at the perfect time. Mr. Brennan was at a table waiting for food. It’s just too bad Robert the super spy didn’t look around and see the WSB leader in the room — or leaving it.

Over at Cafe Cherie, Lucy (Lynn Herring) and Scott (Kin Shriner) were flirting it up. While it started out somewhat friendly, reminiscing about days gone by paired with Scott’s discontent with the state of his and Liesl’s (Kathleen Gati) romance got his mojo going. (Look back on what Scott had to say about this connection.)

He made several comments to Lucy about her looks, how sweet she is, and how she deserves more. Then, he outright told her that he still felt sparks between them and that he missed her. Lucy was taken aback and promptly took her leave.

A Promising Idea

It was an emotional day at the Ashford house. Marshall (Robert Gossett) finished trimming the tree and got sentimental about an ornament that Irene (Cheryl Francis Harrington) bought for their first Christmas. It got him thinking about her and he sat outside envisioning his ex holding his hand.

Marshall cried and apologized for his past mistakes. Irene wasn’t having it. He needed to stop looking backward and live the beautiful life he has now.

Inside, Portia (Brook Kerr) ooh’d and ahh’d at how pretty the men decorated the tree. She then settled down to deliver huge news to Curtis (Donnell Turner). After much research, she came across an experimental procedure that could help him walk again!

What’s more, she already submitted his name and file for the trial. Blessings of all blessings, he’s being considered! Curtis was grateful.