General Hospital Rumors: Roger Howarth Returning To GH As Franco Baldwin?


General Hospital spoilers and rumors tease Roger Howarth could be returning as Franco Baldwin-but is this a possible leak or a crazy rumor? Could Roger be the returning male actor Frank Valentini spoke about?

‘Fiz’ Fizzled, ‘Friz’ Sizzled

A few things to think about are that many fans haven’t found Elizabeth Baldwin’s (Rebecca Herbst) pairing with Michael Easton as Hamilton Finn to be very successful.

“Fiz” failed, but “Friz” succeeded, and people were drawn to Franco’s tale of redemption. Roger’s admirers, on the other hand, will cast him in whatever part they can, although IMDB indicates that he hasn’t had any projects since leaving GH.

However, based on his Instagram, it appears that he has remained in contact with Jeff Kober, a meditation master in his free time.

In a recent Instagram story, which has since expired and is no longer accessible as of this writing, he thanked “Dr. Kober.”

How Would They Bring Franco Back?

Bringing Franco back would be problematic, since Elizabeth herself found him dead with a gunshot in his art studio-although he wasn’t in a body bag when brought to GH.

Franco also had an inoperable malignant brain tumor at the time of his death, and that would have been difficult as well.

However, Days of Our Lives brought a long dead character back to life and cured his brain tumor, and the two shows frequently copy each other as well as swap actors!


Wally Kurth plays on both shows as Ned Quartermaine on GH and Justin Kiriakis on DOOL, and Charles Shaughnessy and Thaao Penghlis both played Victor Cassadine on GH.

Maybe They Think It’s Franco But He’s An Unknown Twin?

Or perhaps they think it’s Franco when he appears, since they know he’s not Austin Gatlin-Holt-whose murder is still unsolved, another loose end for the writers to tie up.

No one would be surprised at Heather Webber (Alley Mills) having done what she does best, having given away yet another child in secret.

The only twins of Alan Quartermaine (Stuart Damon) are Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison) and Jason Morgan (Steve Burton), despite the fact that twins are purportedly descended from the father’s side of the family.

Given that Heather’s first cousin was Susan Moore (Gail Ramsey), it’s possible that Franco and Heather are identical twins, which would make Scott Baldwin (Kin Shriner) both delighted for Franco and angry with Heather!

Alternatively, it’s likely that Roger is returning as a different character because the leaker misidentified him; Todd Manning, for example, may work nicely at the Invader or even as Crimson!