General Hospital Spoilers: Cyrus And Mason Didn’t Kill Austin — Nikolas Did!


Report on spoilers for General Hospital In the investigation into the death of Austin Gatlin Holt (Roger Howarth), Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober) and Mason Gatlin (Nathanyael Grey) may emerge as the main suspects. Sadly, it’s possible that they are not even the legitimate suspects. They have undoubtedly been up to naught good. Holding Mason over a barrel and threatening to kill him, Cyrus continues to act as though he’s repented and is creating a better life for himself after lying his way out of jail.

Mason feels betrayed and burned by his allies, and is fearful of Cyrus. It’s possible the police may suspect Cyrus ordered Mason to kill Austin, but they could also theorize that he went rogue and killed his cousin for his own spiteful reasons. Cyrus had the motive since Austin dropped him and was ready to give his name over to the authorities. But there is one person in this equation who has apparently been forgotten, and he may be a more valid suspect than anyone.

Nikolas Cassadine Isn’t Done With Port Charles

Austin never imagined that he would encounter Adam Huss’s character, Nikolas Cassadine, again after he departed Pautauk. Cassadine Price was resolved to go to Europe in order to avoid being charged with any crimes that would have been waiting for him in Port Charles.

Austin made a critical mistake when he believed the fugitive he had been housing for six months was gone for good. Despite his other distractions, Austin may have been happy to say goodbye to the man.

GH Spoilers Spill Austin Gatlin Holt Slept With Ava Jerome

The fans know Nikolas might have been furious with Ava the last time he saw her, but that doesn’t mean he’s not carrying a torch for his ex-wife after all this time.


Sure, she might’ve done him dirty by giving Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) all the ammunition he needed to go up against his father, and Nikolas may not have wanted anything to do with her anymore — but that doesn’t mean anyone else is allowed to have her either.

Finding out Austin was hooking up with Ava the whole time he was playing doctor with him might have been enough to push Nikolas over the edge.

Cassadine Revenge

Still, this is about more than revenge on Austin. Nikolas wants revenge — and justice — against Ava.

His ex-wife may not have been trying to kill him, but her efforts to stop him from going after her child almost ended that way. Nikolas knows he can’t be seen out in the open in Port Charles or he’ll be arrested.

He will be imprisoned before he can even say her name if he goes forward and tells the police what she did.

However, Ava would be put in an awkward situation if she was accused of killing Austin, and her only chance of getting away with it would be if she revealed the truth about how it all began with Mason and Cyrus.

She would thus have to admit to trying to kill someone in order to avoid being charged with murder. Watch this space for more GH spoilers and news to find out Ava’s decision.