General Hospital Spoilers: Nik Returns As His Usual Self — More Concerned With Ava Than Ace


Spoilers for General Hospital state Adam Huss’s Nikolas Cassadine is back in action. Austin Gatlin Holt (Roger Howarth) was unable to fend him off any longer with words or actions. Nikolas is allegedly headed for Europe with the intention of reclaiming what is rightfully his, or at least some of it.

Nik was eager to protect his business from falling out of his hands, even if it appears that he has no interest in caring for Ace Cassadine (Jay and Joey Clay) or Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Alexander Chavez).

Money Seems To Matter More Than Anything Else To The Prince.

money seems to matter more than anything else to the Prince. Will he ever be able to redeem himself after this, and was he telling Austin the truth — or just something that sounded like it?

If we know Nikolas, he’s actually headed straight back to Port Charles, on a mission to make Ava Jerome’s (Maura West) life a living hell.

A Wanted Man

When Nikolas departed Austin’s Pautauk residence in an Uber for the airport, he presented a convincing case for himself. A Cassadine adopting an alias to board a plane and then disappear from view seems so simple.

Even his claim that he would find a means to conceal his whereabouts from the police while still letting the world know he was alive and capable of maintaining his money sounded plausible.

He might be able to escape Austin’s grasp and return to Spoon Island by making up a story about traveling to Europe. Is Nikolas’s status as a wanted man really going to stop him from getting back at his ex-girlfriend? We disagree!

GH Spoilers Suggest Ava Jerome’s Cage is Rattled


It’s hard to say what Nikolas has planned for Ava just yet, but it can’t be good. He felt betrayed when she told Spencer the truth, and he was eager to make Ava pay by going after Avery Corinthos (Grace Scarola).

An eye for an eye has often been a favorite tactic among the Cassadines. Could Nikolas be ready to prove to everyone that this apple is still ever as close to the tree as he’s always been?

We might not know what he’s got in store for Ava, but rumor has it his mind games are going to leave her shaken like her favorite martini.

Ace Cassadine Is Left In The Dust

It will be hard for Laura Collins (Genie Francis) to defend her son anymore after this next move on his part. Of course, Spencer saw this coming from a mile away.

He is devastated and resentful that his father has abandoned him once more, along with his newborn brother. He finds it impossible to imagine leaving Ace behind and will do almost anything to keep him in his life.

It makes sense that nothing has changed in the past six months since Nikolas has consistently been more preoccupied with his own feelings than those of his family.

Will his fixation with making Ava pay and shunning his infant child ultimately come back to haunt him because he was unable to recognize the folly of his own ways? To learn more about GH, keep coming back with us for updates and spoilers.