Jason Caperna Claims Kristen Doute’s Boyfriend Luke Hangs Out with Sandoval “All The Time”


Jason Caperna also explained who he would like to see transition from Vanderpump Rules in the second season of The Valley.

The Valley’s Jason Caperna dropped a major bombshell about Kristen Doute’s new beau hanging out with the old.

In an exclusive interview with The Daily Dish, the successful attorney and new father was asked about his relationships with some of the Vanderpump Rules cast members, many of whom are his “actual friends.” Despite being at odds with his former pal Tom Sandoval — as previously described in the Vanderpump Rules After Show — he admitted he thought a potential transition for Sandoval into The Valley could be “somewhat organic.”

Why? Because Sandoval clearly has strong bonds with some of The Valley’s stars, even an unlikely one with Luke Broderick.

Are Tom Sandoval and Luke Broderick friends?

According to Jason, Sandoval not only often sees Jax Taylor, but he and Luke also “hang out all the time” — which is somewhat surprising, given that Luke’s girlfriend, Kristen Doute, used to date Tom Sandoval and had a rough breakup with him, as seen on Vanderpump Rules. Kristen is also close friends with Sandoval’s ex-girlfriend, Ariana Madix.

Jason made note of Luke and Sandoval’s relationship when he was asked whom he’d like to see relocate from Vanderpump Rules to The Valley, if given the chance. Jason, who is married to Janet Caperna, said he didn’t consider any switchups “a casting type of thing.”

“I just look at it as Scheana [Shay] and all our people who we hang out with all the time — they’re actually friends with us,” said Jason. “So, filming with them would make total sense. It would be organic, and I would not protest that or contest that in any way.”

Of course, Jason and his wife are currently on the outs with Sandoval, with Janet even saying she had “a hard time forgiving” Sandoval following his explosive affair during his nine-year relationship with Ariana Madix, but it wouldn’t prevent him from welcoming him to The Valley.

“I’m not currently, personally, really talking to Sandoval, but we don’t hate each other,” Jason continued to The Daily Dish. “I just didn’t really respect the way that he handled some things last year. I don’t think a lot of America did.”

Audiences might recall Kristen Doute’s rocky relationship with Sandoval in the early seasons of Vanderpump Rules. At the time, Kristen accused Sandoval of cheating on her with Ariana, and later, it was revealed that Kristen cheated on Sandoval with his then-best friend, Jax.

Kristen and her new man, Luke, have been inseparable for The Valley’s debut season, and attempts by Jax to introduce Luke to another one of Kristen’s exes, Alex Menache, had disastrous results in Season 1, Episode 2.


At the time, Jax — during a boy’s night out with Danny Booko and Jesse Lally — surprised Luke by inviting Kristen’s most recent ex to the party.

“What’s the point? Why?” Luke asked Jax. “Why would I try to be friends with my girlfriend’s ex?”

What Kristen Doute and Luke Broderick Have Said About Tom Sandoval Since the Affair

On January 31, 2024, Luke revealed to Kristen on their shared podcast, Sex, Love, and What Else Matters? (now rebranded as Balancing Act with Kristen Doute and Luke Broderick), that he and Sandoval hung out without Kristen’s knowledge, according to Us Weekly. Luke claimed he and a friend were at a bar when Sandoval and his friend Kyle Chan unexpectedly showed up.

“But this group of guys shows up at the bar, and I was like, ‘Holy sh-t,’ [I] didn’t expect to see them there,” said Luke. “We play some darts and then [decide] to go back to the house. Closest house, obviously, is Tom’s. We go back there and hang out for another hour or two.”

Luke confessed he’d been back at the home — which Sandoval still shared with Madix — “a bunch of times.” He later said on the podcast that he’d gotten to know Sandoval and Ariana and that “they’ve both been equally nice to me.”

For his part, Jason told The Daily Dish that he wasn’t “itching to be close” with the Tom Sandoval and the Most Extras frontman, but he said such a shift could be easily made.

“I think that pretty much anybody on Vanderpump Rules would organically be able to transition in our show,” he continued. “Because we all talk. We all know each other.”

While the lineup for The Valley’s second season has yet to be announced, Vanderpump Rules’ Lala Kent announced before Season 11 wrapped that she moved to the neighborhood but clarified it was not specifically to be on The Valley. Since moving there earlier this year, Scheana and her husband, Brock Davies, also call the San Fernando Valley area home.

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