Scheana Shay Insists She Hasn’t Had A Nose Job But Understands Why People Think Otherwise


The former SURver explains why her nose looks different than it did in Vanderpump Rules Season 1.

The Vanderpump Rules mom addressed the topic in the June 14 episode of her online series Scheananigans with Scheana Shay. Toward the end of the broadcast, Scheana read a fan-submitted question regarding the type of cosmetic work she’s received over the years. After confirming she recently got Botox, the mother of one took some time to squash those longstanding rhinoplasty claims.

“Despite popular opinion, I’ve legitimately have not had a nose job, but I really see why everyone thinks that I have,” she said on her podcast. “When I see a photo of me from [Vanderpump Rules] Season 1, specifically from the right side, and then I see a photo of me from Season 11 — with perfect glam — from the left side, my face legit does look different on both sides.”

Scheana explains why her nose looks different: “I know my angles”

Scheana then turned her direction toward another commonly asked question: Why does she only show one side of her face in pictures? The former SURver was clearly amused by the inquiry but immediately pushed back on the premise. She told listeners she has posted photos of herself from both her left and right sides, but simply prefers the former.

“If you saw my most recent post from the Watch What Happens Live [with Andy Cohen] 15-year party, there are actually two photos in that carousel that I made sure to put the right side of my face,” she explained. “And there’s one with [The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’s] Heather Gay and I was on my bad side, quote unquote. I just prefer my left side.”


Scheana admitted her nose does look quite different from photo to photo, but that’s only because they’re shot at “different angles.”

“I just feel like I know my angles more now and I have much better glam than I did back then,” she said in response to the nose job speculation. “But I totally get it. If I see a side-by-side of a before and after, I’m like, ‘Damn, it does look like I’ve had work done.’”

Scheana Shay is seemingly open to plastic surgery

Scheana suggested she wasn’t opposed to cosmetic surgery, but made it clear she would be transparent about her procedures if and when she decides to get them.

“But if I had had work done, I probably got a really good deal on it, if not a trade,” she continued. “And I would’ve posted about it. So, no. Anything I get done in the future, if I do, you will see it.”