Scheana Shay Shows Off Her Very Exciting (And Grand!) New Home Addition For Summer Moon


The Vanderpump Rules cast member’s daughter could be following in her pop star footsteps thanks to this decor choice.

Scheana Shay’s interest in singing and pop star aspirations has been documented on Vanderpump Rules since Season 1.

Now, 11 seasons and a few singles later, Scheana’s daughter — Summer Moon Honey Davies — with her husband, Brock Davies, could be following in her footsteps. Scheana took to her Instagram Story this week, where she shared a photo of her big music-related purchase for 3-year-old Summer Moon (which is now serving as some glam decor in her new home). She also revealed the plans she has in store for Summer, who already has been in dance classes, and now she just needs singing lessons.

Scheana Shay bought her daughter a grand piano

Scheana took to her Instagram Story, where she reposted a video taken by her mom. In the video, Summer can be seen sitting on a white piano bench, tinkering with the keys on a white piano, sitting in their new home in the Valley.

“Mommy bought Summer a piano…lessons coming soon!,” Scheana’s mom wrote over the video.

Summer might not be a maestro on the keys just yet, but give her time to start taking her lessons. Fingers crossed she learns how to play “Good As Gold” first.


Scheana Shay and Brock Davies’ New Home Upgrades

This piano is just another very exciting addition to the inside of Scheana and Brock’s new home. But the couple has been focused on getting the outside of their home into shape, with Brock building concrete steps from the front yard to the back yard and tiling columns around the front of their home. The couple also got Summer Moon a pink blow-up slide for the pool.

Summer Moon has been helping Brock out every single step of the way, lending a hand for his projects while wearing her work overalls. In an interview with The Daily Dish, Scheana and Brock opened up about the plans for their home. Brock said that they’re most excited about their living room — and the new piano certainly adds to it.

“[The] room is built for people to come over, and I think that’s kind of our personalities in our home,” he said. “We want our friends to wanna come over. We want them to be comfortable here, so that’s kinda like a real cool thing. Our personalities actually are a part of this house now.”