Sparks Fly On Farmer Bert’s Speed Date: ‘She’s Got Me Lost For Words’


One contestant had handsome pineapple farmer Bert struggling to compose himself.

One of the farmers on this year’s season of Farmer Wants a Wife was quite literally lost for words during a nerve-wracking speed date.

Queensland pineapple farmer Bert was wowed by the striking beauty of one of his dates, 32-year-old customer service worker Karli.

The dark-haired, blue-eyed woman walked in, gave 30-year-old Bert a hug and told him it was nice to finally meet him, adding that the whole experience already felt “so surreal”.

Clearly taken with Karli’s beauty, Bert couldn’t wipe the smile off his face — but was clearly struggling with how to start the conversation.

There was a long, awkward, nervous silence as he tried to compose himself.

He just stared at her, smiling, with Karli also looking a little flustered.

“Um … sorry,” he said, before Karli responded, “Don’t worry, we’re just as nervous as each other, I think.”

That seemed to break the ice a little, and the conversation slowly started to flow.

“So, tell me, ah, what, what made you join into this?” he asked.

“So, I am definitely looking for my person in life,” Karli answered.

“My best friend actually sent me your link.

“You’ve ticked all the boxes so far, on paper!” she added nervously, before making a slightly awkward comment about her dad’s favourite fruit being pineapple.

Karli then asked how long Bert had been working on the farm (five years), and what he liked to do in his spare time.

“When I’m not working I just try to get out diving or at least out on the boat,” Bert said.


“It’s been a long slog so I haven’t been doing a lot of (dating) recently, just now finding some time for myself to do things like this and hopefully meet a partner in crime to have the fun with me.”

In a separate interview, Bert said Karli was “definitely distracting”.

“It’s an intimidating feeling meeting a beautiful woman,” he said.

“It’s hard to find your words sometimes.

“Karli really does have pretty eyes, it’s a rare combination to have that dark hair and light eyes.

“Yeah, she’s ah … she’s got me lost for words.

“I think there’s a bit of a spark there.”

And it seems Karli was equally smitten.

“Bert’s smile literally sweeps me off my feet, it’s so beautiful,” she said in a separate interview.

“He seems like a very genuine, caring, kind person.

“Yeah, he’s genuinely pretty special, I think.”

Returning to the other hopefuls, Karli was sporting a huge smile.

“Oh my god, bless, he’s so beautiful,” she told the other girls.

“Are you in love?” one asked.

“Well, there were definitely sparks there, yeah,” she smiled.

Who else will manage to impress Bert after Karli left such an impression?