General Hospital Spoilers: Cyrus Rescues And Keeps A Very-Much-Alive Spencer


General Hospital spoilers tease that a funeral for Spencer Cassadine is on the agenda, but we all know he can’t really be dead, right?

Spencer Cassadine Is Only Presumed Dead

Presumptively dead doesn’t always mean dead on soap. To be honest, never. However, we also know that Nicholas Alexander Chavez is filming season 2 of the Netflix series Monster, which is named Monsters:

The Story of Erik Menendez and Lyle. After a few months of filming, which began in December, Chavez is anticipated to return for at least a few more months.

We also saw Spencer’s dove figurine wash up on a river bank so who is to say that Spencer didn’t also end up on the same river bank alive but injured? And why would a family member with a lot of power not use that power to rescue him?

Cyrus Renault Is A Man Of Many Surprises

Spencer’s Uncle Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober) seemed to be his guardian angel when he was in Pentonville in 2022 and might still be his guardian angel now. While Cyrus is definitely not the ideal image of a pious man, he seems to think he is.

As he goes around town spouting bible verses, Cyrus does fancy himself a man of God, but it also seems he will use any means to do what he thinks of as good.

We know Cyrus has global pull with criminal organizations after years as a crime boss so it stands to reason he has people on the payroll watching all of his relatives.

He knew a desperate Esme Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl) was out there and might have had someone watching Spencer who could then rescue Spencer.

The fact that Cyrus arrived at Genie Francis’s (Laura Collins) door just minutes after she got home is not a coincidence. As evidenced by his heart attack near-death experience, he desires his sister’s respect and affection.

He is already well on his way after forcing Sonny to beat him on New Year’s Eve; all he wants is for Laura to appreciate him as much as she does Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard).

He has the opportunity to confirm her love now. Why not return her cherished grandson home as a better method to accomplish that?