General Hospital Spoilers: Heather’s Daring Escape And Deadly Revenge Plans For Laura!


According to General Hospital spoilers, Heather Webber (Alley Mills) has spent her life in and out of prisons and mental facilities. She learned to come and go without being noticed over time. She hasn’t made an attempt since her detention at Pentonville, but that could change shortly.

Depending on what happens to Esme Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl) in the next couple days, Heather might be motivated to find a way out of the prison.

Heather Webber Wanted Laura Collins To Help Her!

Recently, Heather called Laura Collins (Genie Francis) to Pentonville! She warned Laura that Esme had regained her memory. She actually pushed for Laura to have Esme arrested so she could take care of her in prison.

Heather was rightfully worried that Esme’s desire for revenge would put many people that Laura loves in grave danger. As if on queue, Esme was busy hitting Kevin Collins (Jon Lindstrom) over the head, causing him to be hospitalized.

Now, Esme has targeted Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Chavez) and Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali) in Paris.

Esme Prince May Not Survive!

Unfortunately, it seems as though both Esme and Spencer will be missing and presumed dead in the wake of their confrontation. Heather will certainly be devastated because she tried to warn Laura this would happen.


Heather already is quite resentful of Laura and this could certainly push her over the edge and motivate her to find a new way to escape prison. Heather might decide to kill Laura, and everyone she loves.

Who Will Heather Target First?

Heather, once free, may decide to finish what Esme started and pursue Kevin, Laura’s husband. Another option is that Esme wishes to abduct Laura’s own daughter.

As fans are aware, Lulu Falconeri (played previously by Emme Rylan) is currently comatose due to brain damage.

Perhaps Heather will decide to end Laura’s belief that Lulu will ever recover. Alternatively, she may look for Nikolas Cassadine (Adam Huss). No matter what, Heather will be crushed by Esme’s destiny!

What Do You Think?

What will happen to Esme? Will Heather vow revenge on Laura? Who would be on Heather’s hit list? Anything can happen in Port Charles so stay tuned to General Hospital airing weekdays on ABC.